Configure CURL with XAMPP

26 Aug

Please do the following step to configure CURl XAMPP.

For current php version

  1. Open xampp location/apache/bin/php.ini
  2. Uncomment the following line in the “Windows Extensions” section: extension=php_curl.dll
  3. Restart apache

For all version of php please enable the php_curl.dll extension for the following files

  1. xampp location/apache/bin/php.ini
  2. xampp location/php/php5.ini
  3. xampp location/php/php.ini
  4. xampp location/php/php4/php.ini
  5. xampp location/php/php4/php4.ini
  6. Restart apache

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5 responses to “Configure CURL with XAMPP

  1. TS_Advanced

    May 11, 2010 at 2:56 pm

    Thanks. this is so helpful.

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