Using Nice Menus with Drupal Primary Links

13 Feb

Nice Menus module help us to make Drupal menus into drop down or flyout (left or right) menus. This module only use CSS for most of the browsers (Firefox, Opera, Safari, Chrome etc.) and with additional Javascript for troublesome browsers (IE).

  • Nice Menu provides up to 10 (ten) blocks configure with different drupal menus item.
  • It provides default styling which can be override from sites theme CSS files.
  • User can customize menus functionality with the theme functions


The module includes a default CSS layout file (nice_menus_default.css) which is loaded for nice menus. You can change the default layout if you are not like this. This is suggested that you can create a new customized CSS file and replace the default CSS file from Administer -> Themes -> Configure -> Global settings -> “Path to custom nice menus CSS file” here. This ensures smooth future upgrades as no editing of the module files is necessary. Also note that you should not edit the regular nice_menus.css file since this contains the “logic” that makes Nice Menus work. A good starting point for your custom file is to make a copy of the default file, then edit it to taste. You can look through Nice Menus CSS Examples for some basic CSS edits.

Nice Menus Custom

Advanced theming

If you’re creating or modifying your own theme, you can integrate nice menus more deeply by making use of these functions:
theme_nice_menus() — themes any menu tree as a nice menu.
theme_nice_menus_primary_links() — themes your primary links as a nice menu.

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